back lever workshop


23rd Feb, Saturday, 10-12pm

Core Collective, 79 Anson Rd, Studio 0

$55 drop-in or 3 class credits

Available for booking via Classpass

Join Haaziq in his Back Lever Workshop and master your first Back Lever on the gymnastic rings.

The Back Lever on the gymnastic rings is an essential Calisthenics strength movement. Working toward your first back lever provides incredible stimulation for total body strength.

The Back Lever is performed with straight arms, with your entire length of the body in a horizontal position with your chest facing the ground.

In this workshop, you will explore progressions to achieve your first back lever. You will also learn how you can program these progression into your own training routine and work mindfully towards your first back lever, whatever level you are at.

Note: ALL levels including beginners are welcome.

Find out more at @startstationsg or email us at

You may also contact Ashikin at 96249705 if you have any enquiries.