Experience more than just Calisthenics, Yoga and Movement at Start Station.

Practice mindful movements as you focus on proper alignment and muscle engagement to gain strength, power, flexibility and grace. Be a master of your mind and body.

Cali Core

Build functional strength to progress into more advanced movements and improve overall performance. Cali Core will hit every core muscle that runs from the shoulders to the quads, including the lower back, hips and glutes. With the use of dynamic and static core exercises using the parallettes, gymnastic rings as well as floor exercises, this class builds core stability, functional posture, dynamic motion and flexibility.

Cali Shred/HIIT

Improve your cardiovascular endurance and strength in this sweaty and vigorous class where you will be trained like an athlete. Explore calisthenics or bodyweight exercises like variations of push ups, pull ups, squats and jumps in a HIIT format. These compound movements use multiple muscle groups and will be done in short, intense bursts of 20-40 seconds in a full-body circuit.

Cali basics

This class introduces you to the world of bodyweight training as we delve into the fundamentals of calisthenics. With the help of gymnastic rings and parallettes, this class is designed to work the entire body in unison as we explore movements, with emphasis on form and control. Perfect for beginners new to Calisthenics.

Cali rings

Have fun on the gymnastic rings and train like a gymnast in this fun yet challenging class. You'll learn to work on Calisthenics moves like knee-ups, skin the cat, front/back lever, pull-ups and muscle-ups on the gymnastic rings. 

Cali Strength

This full-body bodyweight workout will improve your strength and explosive power. With the help of gymnastic rings and paralettes, this class is designed to work the entire body in unison as we explore movements like knee-ups, support-holds,pull-ups and push-up variations, pistol squats, and tricep dips, with emphasis on form and control. By using techniques like time under tension and explosive action, you will develop strength to move on to advanced calisthenics movements like planche, front lever and handstands. Beginners are welcomed in this multi-level class!

Rings Pull-up/Muscle-up

This is a multi-level class that will take you a step closer towards mastering your ring pull-ups and muscle-ups. This upper body strength training will target your biceps, back and lats (for pull-ups) and also your chest, shoulders, abs and triceps (for muscle-ups). Emphasis will be placed on perfecting your form and technique.

Cali Yoga

Develop physical and mental strength through a sequence of calisthenics movements modified and integrated into a yoga flow. Learn to master the body and strengthen the mind. 

Yoga Basics

Struggling with foundation yoga postures like the chaturanga, downward dog and warrior? This class will guide you slowly through basic yoga postures with emphasis on proper alignment and muscle engagement to help you gain strength, and flexibility.

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