intro to handstands


20th April, Saturday, 10-12pm

Core Collective, 79 Anson Rd, Level 22, Studio 1

$55 drop-in price

Available for booking via Classpass

Join Haaziq in his Intro to Handstands workshop and get started on your handstands journey.

Join us for a 2-hour masterclass to get you started on your handstand journey.


This is perfect for beginners working on their fear of inversions and are looking for a safe space to learn the basics of handstands. We know how intimidating starting is so we'll break down the handstand into simple progressions and support you no matter where you are beginning from.


!We will also work on basic handstand drills as well as essential strength, flexibility and conditioning exercises. You will leave feeling confident to embark on a committed self-practice.

Note: ONLY beginners are welcome.

Find out more at @startstationsg or email us at

You may also contact Ashikin at 96249705 if you have any enquiries.